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Man Up! Asics Aggressor “Sissy” Wrestling Shoes

What would you do if your opponent strode up to the mat wearing hot pink and powder blue wrestling shoes with yellow highlights? Would you laugh at him for sporting girly colors and figure you have the match in the bag? Or would the sight strike fear into your heart as it dawns on you […]

Asics Hammer Workout Gear: For Practice or Workouts

With the wrestling season less than two months away, it’s time to start getting back into a regular workout rhythm. If you’ve been eating right and exercising all along, then you’ll hit midseason form very quickly. If you’ve been slacking, then you’ll face a bit more of an uphill battle. Either way, hitting the gym […]

Weighing In on Summit Wrestling Scales

Wrestling meets are action-packed events full of amazing displays of athleticism that result in unforgettable moves, takedowns, and pins. There is an atmosphere of fierce competition from beginning to end, yet sportsmanship prevails more often than not, making these meets character-building experiences for each athlete involved. Almost every sanctioned event begins with an early morning […]