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Wrestling Singlet Information

Wrestling singlets are required for all wrestlers in sanctioned high school, college, freestyle, and Greco-Roman matches. As the name implies, a singlet is constructed of a single piece of fabric (usually a nylon-Spandex blend) and is designed to cover a wrestler’s body from the chest and torso to the upper thighs. Despite being such a […]

Top Wrestling Shoes

To find a great pair of wrestling shoes, you have to look beyond the brand name, general design, and color scheme of the product. That’s because unlike other kinds of wrestling gear, the type of shoe you use has a direct impact on your performance during matches. Instead of simply choosing a shoe because it’s […]

Facts About Wrestling Gear

One of the great things about wrestling is that there is a minimal amount of equipment needed to participate in the sport. This means you don’t have to purchase a bunch of overpriced, high-tech items just to get started. Moreover, wrestling gear isn’t just there for show; it serves many important purposes in areas such […]

It’s Tournament Time! Wrestling Tournament Rules

Now that the wrestling season is at its peak and there are major events every weekend, it’s time to review some important tournament rules. Sure, your coach has probably gone over this stuff with you before, but maybe you weren’t paying attention that day or maybe some of the details have already slipped your mind. […]