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How to Fix a Snap on Wrestling Headgear

All wrestlers in sanctioned scholastic and collegiate events must wear approved wrestling headgear during matches. This is a nonnegotiable safety measure intended to prevent impact injuries to the head and ears. Of course, you only get adequate protection if the wrestling equipment you use is wholly intact, so the moment you discover that a snap […]

Your Own Personal Trainer: Programs for High School Wrestlers

Imagine how much your wrestling skills would improve if you had your own personal trainer overlooking your fitness program. Unfortunately, few of us have the financial resources to make that fantasy a reality, which means we have to settle for the next best thing: putting together our own training regimen based on age-old wisdom and […]

How To Prepare For a State Wrestling Match

Qualifying for the state tournament is every wrestler’s dream. This is where reigning champions are dethroned, new kings are crowned, and legends are made. It is also a terrific opportunity for you to get noticed by collegiate scouts and coaches, which is important if you wish to continue wrestling at the next level. Since so […]

Women Vs. Men Wrestlers

Ever since Women’s Wrestling debuted as an official Olympic event at the Athens games in 2004, annual participation in the sport by girls and young women has increased at a steady rate. However, few high school or collegiate programs have both the athletes and budget required to create an all-female team, which means women must […]