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How To Improve Wrestling Quickness In Matches

Think back to all the wrestling matches you lost last season. How many of those defeats were due to your inability to capitalize on slight weaknesses in your opponent’s defensive techniques? How many more wins would you have notched if you’d been just a little bit quicker on the attack? The difference between good wrestlers […]

Tips on How to Add Ankle Support to Wrestling Shoes

One of the keys to being a successful wrestler is having the ability to use your feet wisely. This means maintaining your balance while grappling or putting yourself in the perfect position to obtain leverage over your opponent and force him to the mat—all in the face of the extreme twisting, turning, and jostling that […]

Wrestling Agility Drills

Great wrestlers have many attributes in common. For example, they can cover short distances in the blink of an eye and their movements tend to be lightning fast, powerfully explosive, and highly controlled. Even if they lose their balance while wrestling, they’re able to recover quickly and go on the attack again immediately. In other […]

Wrestling at the Summer Olympics

Wrestling is one of the oldest sports in the world. It has been depicted in ancient cave paintings and was also mentioned in Homer’s Iliad as one of the primary ways Greek warriors demonstrated their sheer strength and athletic ability. The sport has remained popular even in modern times, as evidenced by its inclusion in […]