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Tips For Countering A Wrestling Barrell Roll

A barrel roll is a basic yet effective wrestling move that, when executed properly, will net your opponent up to five points (two takedown points and three back points). This can easily cost you the period or even the match, so it would be worth your time to learn how to defend against the maneuver. […]

Tips For Offseason Wrestling Training

If you want to improve as a wrestler, then you have to commit to training all year round. This is especially important in the spring and summer months when you might be tempted to just sleep in or hang out with friends instead of running or lifting. But the more you let yourself fall out […]

Facts About Wrestling Shoe Sizes

Having excellent ankle support and foot traction directly impacts a wrestler’s ability to perform both offensive and defensive maneuvers during a match. This means well-fitting wrestling shoes can sometimes make the difference between executing the perfect takedown and slipping at an inopportune moment, thereby giving your opponent a positional edge. Because footwear is so crucial […]

Wrestling Weight Class Rules For High Schoolers

All other things being equal, wrestling is a sport where extra mass can give an athlete a considerable advantage over his opponent. This is the main reason why weight classes are strictly enforced at every level of competition, from youth leagues all the way to the Olympics. As a high school wrestler, one of your […]

Getting In Shape For College Wrestling

The step up from high school to college wrestling could more accurately be described as a giant leap in most cases. The competition will be tougher than anything you’ve faced in your entire career, and you’ll have to work harder than ever to succeed. Coaches will also expect you to be in peak form as […]