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Let’s Talk About Wrestling Shoes

Wrestling shoes maximize your ability to perform. A wrestler needs to be able to move quickly, smoothly and with precision. To move this way shoes must fit well. A good fitting shoe will provide traction, be flexible and help instill confidence. Good fitting shoes are almost a part of the wrestler. He is not conscious […]

Have You Checked Your Diet Lately? Here Are Some Quick Tips on Maintaining a Healthy Diet as a Wrestler.

If you’re serious about being a winning wrestler you’ve got to be serious about your perfect wrestling weight. Let’s say you weigh 145 # right now, but 15% of that weight is body fat. That gives you around 22# to play with. To stay healthy and keep up your strength you should have at least […]

Most Popular Wrestling Headgear for Protection and Style

The benefits of wearing protective headgear while participating in all levels of folkstyle wrestling competitions are well documented. This type of equipment helps prevent cauliflower ear and guards against other bruises, impacts, and abrasions around the ears and, in some cases, near the forehead too. But despite these protective properties, most wrestlers choose new headgear […]