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Stay Healthy for the Holidays

When wrestlers talk about staying healthy for the holidays, they typically mean avoiding the kind of weight gain that will make their Suplay wrestling singlet fit way too snugly around the middle when full practices resume. We discussed some strategies for dealing with tempting holiday treats and sticking to your workout routine in last week’s […]

Keep the Extra Holiday Weight Off

With the wrestling season now in full swing, following a strict diet and counting every calorie to ensure you make weight for your next competition is second nature. After all, the last thing you want to do is tip the Summit wrestling scale over the limit at weigh-in and let down your entire team. But […]

NCAA and the History of Collegiate Wrestling

As a knowledgeable wrestling fan, you’re probably aware of all the storylines playing out in the current NCAA season. Will Penn State be able to win a third consecutive team championship or will Oklahoma State, Minnesota, Iowa, or another contender rise up to the challenge? Will Penn State‚Äôs 2 time Champ, David Taylor, be able […]