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Know Your Size Before You Buy

Out of all the wrestling gear you have to buy, you’ll spend the most on footwear. A good pair of new Nike wrestling shoes could easily set you back at least $70, while certain models from Asics and Adidas go for twice as much. This is a considerable investment for most people, so it’s important […]

Protect Your Ears and Choose the Right Headgear

In our last post, we talked about why protective headgear is required in all scholastic and collegiate wrestling events as a safeguard against injuries such as cauliflower ear. This time we’re going to show you how to choose the right adult or youth headgear from all the available product options. Like other kinds of wrestling […]

Morgan Headgear

Most Wrestling Headgear on today’s market is Adequate. They vary in design. The most popular types are the five strap models. These include: Cliff Keen’s Tornado and Signature; Asics’ QUANTUM; and Brute’s Quad 3, to name a few. All the afore mentioned headgear are tried and true and IMPORTED. At Suplay we manufacture and sell […]

Start the New Year with New Kicks for the Mats

The holidays are now over and you’re anxious to get back on the mat with your teammates. You’ve kept up with your workouts during the break and you’re fueled by new resolutions to do whatever it takes to make weight, improve your overall performance, and set some personal bests along the way. In short, you’re […]