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Getting Started in Wrestling

Now that your child has expressed an interest in wrestling, you might be wondering what you have to do to get him or her started in the sport. This mission can be divided into two basic parts: buying all the required wrestling equipment needed to participate in a match and finding a local team to […]

What is your wrestling style?

To the casual observer, all forms of wrestling might look the same. The singlets and shoes appear to be very similar and the official wrestling mats used in competition seem to have the same dimensions and markings. But once you become more familiar with the sport, you’ll be able to notice subtle differences not only […]

Trouble Finding Youth Sizes

Finding quality youth wrestling gear at reasonable prices can be a major challenge for parents. Due to low demand, most manufacturers produce and release a very limited supply of kids singlets, wrestling shoes, and headgear, and most retailers maintain an even smaller inventory of these products. Consequently, you get fewer choices and are typically stuck […]

Wrestling Singlets, What are they?

Around the world a singlet has various definitions. The most commonly worn are by singlets worn by amateur wrestlers on a high school or collegiate competition level. This garment is simply a sleeveless uniform worn by wrestlers on the mat. You might think this tight fitting, spandex and nylon material would be embarrassing to wear […]