There are many wrestling techniques, but the three we’re going to discuss today are; freestyle, Greco-Roman style, and beach wrestling.  Wrestling is one of the oldest sports in documented history, dating back as far as 15,000 years ago in primitive cave drawings in parts of France.  It is the most well-known and widely celebrated sports in the Greek Olympics and has transformed itself in terms of techniques and updated the look of the wrestling gear along the way–moving from woolen trunks, to long pants, to the singlets we see today.

Freestyle wrestling utilizes legs for offense and defense with the ultimate victory pending on whomever pins his / her opponent effectively on the mat.

Greco-Roman, the oldest wrestling technique in history, prohibits the use of extremities below the belt therefore forbidding the active use of legs in competition.  Winning is determined by the pinning down of your opponent.  Recent changes to this style of wrestling include the inclusion of high-amplitude throws.

Lastly, is the newest form of beach wrestling.  Adopted as a sanctioned form in 2004, competition mats are actually a circle of sand and winning is based on one’s ability to throw their opponent out of the circle or putting them on their back.

These three varied forms are the most popular and have been riveting audiences for thousands of years or in some cases, less than a decade!  We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the role wrestling plays in mixed martial arts (MMA) training and competition, which has become wildly popular in the last few decades.

Wrestling is just as much a mental game as it is a very physical game, it’s been likened to an incarnate game of human chess where opponents look for one another’s weaknesses in order to achieve a take down or locking their opponent into submission.