If you’re serious about being “as good a wrestler as you can be” get serious about a home mat purchase. You need one for technique, perfecting your moves, and getting your timing down “pat”. Let’s face it: There comes a time when Mom’s carpet or the back yard just won’t do.


You don’t have to spend an arm and leg. For $300.00 (including shipping) you can buy a 10’ X 10’ home mat. You may have to fight your cheer leader sister or your fitness mom for mat time, but your whole family will benefit. Depending on your budget you can opt for a variety of sizes. For a ball park cost, multiply $7.00 x the square feet you want. E.g. a 12’ X 12’ X 1 58” =’ 144 sq ft. It would cost about $1,000.00 delivered. If you need help, call Suplay Products. They are mat experts.


If you are a coach and need a school mat the smallest you can consider and be competition legal is a 38’ X 38’ mat. Cost depends on your choice of mat. E.G. A two sided Resilite Classic mat 1” thick, will cost you $7,581 plus shipping and options. A one-sided “Lite” mat, 38’ X 38’ X 1 5/8”, will cost $6300.00 plus shipping and options.


Wrestling mats may be further customized in terms of color, school or club insignia, lettering, practice circles, and more. Any customizations you select will add to the overall costs, so be sure to leave enough wiggle room in your budget. You can expect to pay at least $45.00 per one color letter and $350 for a one color logo. Keep in mind that mat designs are FREE. A quote for a school mat always includes a full color mat design.

Knowing all the facts before you set out to buy a new wrestling mat can help you find the right product for your intended use. If you need help call the experts at Suplay. Home or School we can fill wrestling mat needs.