After a long, tough season of competitive wrestling, getting some rest should be your first priority heading into the spring. This not only allows you to recover from all the minor injuries that have been nagging you throughout the season, but also gives you a chance to mentally recharge after so many months of intense focus.

But while rest is important, you don’t want your idle time to be so extensive that you slip into bad habits and start losing the strength and conditioning gains you worked hard to achieve over the season. So once you’re a hundred percent healthy, here is a list of activities that can help you stay in shape until November tryouts.

  • Weight lifting: Strength is one of a wrestler’s greatest assets and cannot be adequately built up during the regular season alone. A consistent offseason routine is critical, so make sure you’re hitting the weight room at least three times a week.
  • Running or biking: Cardiovascular conditioning is also an important part of a wrestler’s skill set. The best way to improve conditioning is by running, biking, or performing some other kind of aerobic activity for at least 30 minutes 2-3 times per week. Switch up your regular sessions with some longer workouts or high-intensity intervals to develop endurance and speed.
  • Other sports: If you’re the kind of athlete that trains more effectively in a team setting, then make sure you play other sports during the spring, summer, and fall. Soccer, cross-country, track, swimming, and water polo are all excellent options because of the level of fitness required.
  • Wrestling camps and tournaments: As good as these other activities are, there is no adequate substitute for time on the mat. Try to attend at least one wrestling camp during the downtime, and enter as many local or national tournaments as possible to gain experience against stronger competition.

You won’t make much progress as a wrestler if you limit your efforts to the short three- or four-month regular season. Offseason work is a huge component of in-season success, so make sure to include several of the above activities in your strength and conditioning program.