If you’ve seen our Deal of the Week on Flo Wrestling’s website, then a little background on these JS25 might be of interest to you. I think the shoes are an eye sore but when you learn about the awesome features, you may forget all about the colors that scream the look of a Wrestler’s cauliflower ear.

In fairness to Suplay’s “Take” on the John Smith STUDLY UGLY, JS25 Wrestling Shoe, I figured I better call John Smith, himself. He’s been using these name sake shoes for months. In addition, he has four wrestlers on his team using them.

The first question I asked John, was, “As Light as these shoes are, do they hold up?” He surprised me with his answer. First, he says “ Most Okie wrestlers go through 3 pairs of shoes in a season”. And then he adds, “But not these Babies. . .” They have been lasting almost twice as long as the other shoes used in turnout.” That’s pretty high praise from a man who knows wrestling shoes.

John goes on to say, “I don’t endorse anything unless I can try it first”. “I’ve tried these shoes and they meet all my expectations.” “No hanging threads, no rips in the material, no peeling away of the sole . . . I have to say these shoes are tops.”

“What about the strap / lace closing system”, I asked, “In my mind that system looks like an invitation for an ankle pick”. John’s answer: “I haven’t noticed an increase in ankle picks. But keep in mind, Okies, have fast feet.”

I didn’t go into the “STUDLY UGLY” aspect of the shoe. . . That view is strictly my own prospective. But I’ll tell you this: If John Smith says the JS25 is a GOOD shoe, I believe him! His word is like money in the bank. And if you like being STUDLY, you better buy a pair. . . they are in short supply.

Gary Frey

President of Suplay – Wrestlers World