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Where are they now? Ed Banach, University of Iowa

Note: This post is the first in a series of retrospectives that will examine the career highlights of some of the greatest college wrestlers in recent history and tell you where they are now. Being a wrestling fan in the early ’80s meant being a fan of Ed Banach. Nicknamed “The Horse” because of his […]

Beat the Streets PSAL Thanksgiving Dual Meet Invitational

This year’s Grapple at the Garden wrestling showcase boasts a jam-packed lineup of great events that are sure to keep spectators entertained from beginning to end. The December 1 festivities will include a head-to-head matchup between former NCAA greats Kyle Dake and Bubba Jenkins and dual meet action involving some of the country’s top-ranked college […]

What it Takes to Wrestle in College

Going on to compete in a sport like wrestling at the college level is something only a fraction of high school athletes ever get to experience. For one thing, colleges can draw from a much larger prospect pool, so making the team in the first place is significantly tougher than in high school. For another […]