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Gettin’ Ready For Wrestlin’ (part 1)

“I can be a great coach.” At least that was the mind set I had in 1956, when Eric Beardsley, asked me to help him coach wrestling at Moses Lake High School. When it came to wrestling, I had no doubt that my wrestling background was unique and special. After all I did journeyman training […]


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Wrestling Heroes In Action

Wrestling heroes in action are motivators for up and coming wrestling  champions  “to be”.  .  . at least that that was the story my son’s bedroom walls told me.  Wrestling champions he held in high  esteem  covered his walls .  Photos of Dan Gable, Cael Sanderson, and John Smith were just a few. Suplay knows […]

Top Wrestling Movies and Documentaries

Now that the 2013-14 wrestling season has ended, it’s time for some well-earned rest before all the summer tournaments and camps start up. Everyone has their own favorite way to unwind, but for us there’s nothing better than sprawling on the couch with a huge bowl of popcorn (or some other favorite snack that’s forbidden […]

Classroom Skills that Transfer to the Mat

Some wrestlers view classroom responsibilities as little more than a nuisance that cuts into their training time. They have to go through the motions to maintain eligibility or win a scholarship to help pay for tuition and new wrestling gear, but they’re not too invested beyond that—which is a big mistake. That’s because a quick […]

Are You Stud Enough to Wear Ugly?

If you’ve seen our Deal of the Week on Flo Wrestling’s website, then a little background on these JS25 might be of interest to you. I think the shoes are an eye sore but when you learn about the awesome features, you may forget all about the colors that scream the look of a Wrestler’s […]

Oxygen Needed For The Body and Perfect for the Champion

Breathing oxygen has been used by high level athletes like Olympic Champions, Pro Football Players and Top Endurance Athletes for Years. Oxygen4Energy provides a portable form of recreational breathing oxygen that allows you to flood your body with valuable oxygen before, during and after exertion. This can have a DRAMATIC impact on your well being, […]

The Revolution of Mixed Martial Arts

Have you ever wondered what becomes of top tier collegiate wrestlers after they graduate? While a majority decide to hang up their team’s wrestling gear for good, it is becoming increasingly common for these athletes to transition to a successful career in mixed martial arts. Modern MMA fighting has been around for a long time, […]

Getting Started in Wrestling

Now that your child has expressed an interest in wrestling, you might be wondering what you have to do to get him or her started in the sport. This mission can be divided into two basic parts: buying all the required wrestling equipment needed to participate in a match and finding a local team to […]