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My name is Gary Frey, and I own and operate Suplay Products – Wrestlers World. Suplay started business in 1969. I came up with an adhesive formula that allowed me to manufacturer and import PVC Tape for wrestling mats. Back in the day, my Suplay Tape was the first cost effective quality product to hit […]

Common Wrestling Skin Lesions and How to Prevent Them

Like many other sports, skin-to-skin contact between participants in a wrestling match is completely unavoidable. But unlike football or basketball, for example, this close contact is far more frequent and sustained in wrestling, where opponents may grapple with each other for several minutes at a stretch without letting go. So when bodily fluids such as […]

Traveling Tips for Wrestling Tournaments

With all the state qualifying action going on right now at high schools across the country, prep wrestlers and their parents will be spending a lot of time at tournaments far away from home. Upperclassmen that have been down this road before know what to expect from the non-wrestling aspects of these events, and thus […]

Where are they now? Lincoln McIlravy, University of Iowa

Note: This post is the second in a series of retrospectives that will examine the career highlights of some of the greatest college wrestlers in recent history and tell you where they are now. Lincoln McIlravy is another Hawkeye wrestler that enjoyed an outstanding college career under the tutelage of head coach Dan Gable. Like […]

Classroom Skills that Transfer to the Mat

Some wrestlers view classroom responsibilities as little more than a nuisance that cuts into their training time. They have to go through the motions to maintain eligibility or win a scholarship to help pay for tuition and new wrestling gear, but they’re not too invested beyond that—which is a big mistake. That’s because a quick […]

Are You Stud Enough to Wear Ugly?

If you’ve seen our Deal of the Week on Flo Wrestling’s website, then a little background on these JS25 might be of interest to you. I think the shoes are an eye sore but when you learn about the awesome features, you may forget all about the colors that scream the look of a Wrestler’s […]

Oxygen Needed For The Body and Perfect for the Champion

Breathing oxygen has been used by high level athletes like Olympic Champions, Pro Football Players and Top Endurance Athletes for Years. Oxygen4Energy provides a portable form of recreational breathing oxygen that allows you to flood your body with valuable oxygen before, during and after exertion. This can have a DRAMATIC impact on your well being, […]

The Revolution of Mixed Martial Arts

Have you ever wondered what becomes of top tier collegiate wrestlers after they graduate? While a majority decide to hang up their team’s wrestling gear for good, it is becoming increasingly common for these athletes to transition to a successful career in mixed martial arts. Modern MMA fighting has been around for a long time, […]

What is your wrestling style?

To the casual observer, all forms of wrestling might look the same. The singlets and shoes appear to be very similar and the official wrestling mats used in competition seem to have the same dimensions and markings. But once you become more familiar with the sport, you’ll be able to notice subtle differences not only […]

Wrestling Singlets, What are they?

Around the world a singlet has various definitions. The most commonly worn are by singlets worn by amateur wrestlers on a high school or collegiate competition level. This garment is simply a sleeveless uniform worn by wrestlers on the mat. You might think this tight fitting, spandex and nylon material would be embarrassing to wear […]