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Morgan Headgear

Most Wrestling Headgear on today’s market is Adequate. They vary in design. The most popular types are the five strap models. These include: Cliff Keen’s Tornado and Signature; Asics’ QUANTUM; and Brute’s Quad 3, to name a few. All the afore mentioned headgear are tried and true and IMPORTED. At Suplay we manufacture and sell […]

Start the New Year with New Kicks for the Mats

The holidays are now over and you’re anxious to get back on the mat with your teammates. You’ve kept up with your workouts during the break and you’re fueled by new resolutions to do whatever it takes to make weight, improve your overall performance, and set some personal bests along the way. In short, you’re […]

Stay Healthy for the Holidays

When wrestlers talk about staying healthy for the holidays, they typically mean avoiding the kind of weight gain that will make their Suplay wrestling singlet fit way too snugly around the middle when full practices resume. We discussed some strategies for dealing with tempting holiday treats and sticking to your workout routine in last week’s […]

Keep the Extra Holiday Weight Off

With the wrestling season now in full swing, following a strict diet and counting every calorie to ensure you make weight for your next competition is second nature. After all, the last thing you want to do is tip the Summit wrestling scale over the limit at weigh-in and let down your entire team. But […]

Tips For Countering A Wrestling Barrell Roll

A barrel roll is a basic yet effective wrestling move that, when executed properly, will net your opponent up to five points (two takedown points and three back points). This can easily cost you the period or even the match, so it would be worth your time to learn how to defend against the maneuver. […]

Tips For Offseason Wrestling Training

If you want to improve as a wrestler, then you have to commit to training all year round. This is especially important in the spring and summer months when you might be tempted to just sleep in or hang out with friends instead of running or lifting. But the more you let yourself fall out […]

Wrestling Weight Class Rules For High Schoolers

All other things being equal, wrestling is a sport where extra mass can give an athlete a considerable advantage over his opponent. This is the main reason why weight classes are strictly enforced at every level of competition, from youth leagues all the way to the Olympics. As a high school wrestler, one of your […]

Getting In Shape For College Wrestling

The step up from high school to college wrestling could more accurately be described as a giant leap in most cases. The competition will be tougher than anything you’ve faced in your entire career, and you’ll have to work harder than ever to succeed. Coaches will also expect you to be in peak form as […]

Facts About Wrestling At The London 2012 Olympics

In a little over a month, wrestling will take center stage at the London 2012 Olympic Games. You’re probably just as anxious as we are to see how Team USA stacks up against the rest of the world, and can’t wait for the matches to get started. To help make it easier for you to […]

Review of Adidas adiZERO London Olympics Wrestling Shoes

There’s no question that the best thing about the Summer Olympics is being able to see the top freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestlers in the world represent their countries and compete for gold, silver, and bronze medals. But getting a look at all the cool new wrestling gear that manufacturers roll out in honor of the […]