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Dealing with Concussions in Wrestling

As a body contact sport, there is a growing concern regarding concussions in wrestling. As a rule, head to head concussions are rare, but they do occur. Concussions can also occur from inadvertent blows from knees, elbows, and throws during a wrestling scramble. The truth of the matter, however, is that in wrestling, more abrasions […]

Protect Your Ears and Choose the Right Headgear

In our last post, we talked about why protective headgear is required in all scholastic and collegiate wrestling events as a safeguard against injuries such as cauliflower ear. This time we’re going to show you how to choose the right adult or youth headgear from all the available product options. Like other kinds of wrestling […]

Morgan Headgear

Most Wrestling Headgear on today’s market is Adequate. They vary in design. The most popular types are the five strap models. These include: Cliff Keen’s Tornado and Signature; Asics’ QUANTUM; and Brute’s Quad 3, to name a few. All the afore mentioned headgear are tried and true and IMPORTED. At Suplay we manufacture and sell […]

NCAA and the History of Collegiate Wrestling

As a knowledgeable wrestling fan, you’re probably aware of all the storylines playing out in the current NCAA season. Will Penn State be able to win a third consecutive team championship or will Oklahoma State, Minnesota, Iowa, or another contender rise up to the challenge? Will Penn State’s 2 time Champ, David Taylor, be able […]

Are you practicing good hygiene on and off the mat?

Unlike athletes in other sports, wrestlers often compete in conditions that expose them to dangerous microbes and harmful bacteria. The near constant contact with opponents’ sweaty bodies, singlets, and headgear can lead to irritating skin problems and other serious health hazards ranging from acne and athlete’s foot to impetigo, ringworm, and even staph infection. The […]

Most Popular Wrestling Headgear for Protection and Style

The benefits of wearing protective headgear while participating in all levels of folkstyle wrestling competitions are well documented. This type of equipment helps prevent cauliflower ear and guards against other bruises, impacts, and abrasions around the ears and, in some cases, near the forehead too. But despite these protective properties, most wrestlers choose new headgear […]

History of Wrestling Camps

No wrestler has ever matured into an elite talent by confining his training and workout regimen to the months between October and February. In fact, the sport’s top athletes put in most of their work during the off-season and simply use the regular season as a showcase for the techniques and moves they practiced to […]

How to Fix a Snap on Wrestling Headgear

All wrestlers in sanctioned scholastic and collegiate events must wear approved wrestling headgear during matches. This is a nonnegotiable safety measure intended to prevent impact injuries to the head and ears. Of course, you only get adequate protection if the wrestling equipment you use is wholly intact, so the moment you discover that a snap […]

Wrestling Gear Needed To Take To Matches

When you go to a tournament or meet, you want to be able to direct 100% of your focus on the competition.  The last thing you need is the distraction that comes with realizing too late that you’ve forgotten your headgear or singlet at home. If you don’t have the right wrestling gear with you, […]

How To Choose The Right Headgear

Wrestling is a minimalist sport in which the athletes do not have to wear a lot of gear while participating. So when a piece of equipment is required, you can bet there is a very good reason for it. Take headgear, for example. The primary purpose of headgear is to protect the ears—and in some […]