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NCAA and the History of Collegiate Wrestling

As a knowledgeable wrestling fan, you’re probably aware of all the storylines playing out in the current NCAA season. Will Penn State be able to win a third consecutive team championship or will Oklahoma State, Minnesota, Iowa, or another contender rise up to the challenge? Will Penn State’s 2 time Champ, David Taylor, be able […]

Top Wrestling Knee Pads

Every wrestler knows that this sport is tough on the knees. A single, powerful takedown can cause injury, as can recurring takedowns that aren’t as severe. While knee pads are not required by many wrestling associations, they can help decrease impact trauma to this part of the body. If you are many of the ‘safe’ […]

Wrestling Knee pads: Options to Consider

Not every wrestler likes the idea of using knee pads, so not everyone wears them. However, for those that use them, knee pads help make wrestling a little easier by increasing protection around the knees against potential injuries. Because everyone is different, there are a myriad of knee pads available — all created differently and […]

Wrestling Risks and Injuries

Wrestling is a high-intensity sport that involves lots of rough physical contact. But unlike other full-contact sports, wrestlers don’t strap on bulky shoulder pads, a big helmet, padded pants, gloves, and a mouth guard to keep them safe. Instead, they rely solely on their shoes, wrestling headgear, and wrestling knee pads for protection. Although this […]