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Rule Changes for the NCAA Wrestling Postseason

Are you ready for an all-new look to the NCAA Division I wrestling postseason? Back in August, the NCAA’s Board of Directors met with Division I coaches at the annual Vision Forum to review and amend various competition rules ranging from required wrestling equipment to scoring at dual meets. The most significant of the rule […]

Wrestling Singlets, What are they?

Around the world a singlet has various definitions. The most commonly worn are by singlets worn by amateur wrestlers on a high school or collegiate competition level. This garment is simply a sleeveless uniform worn by wrestlers on the mat. You might think this tight fitting, spandex and nylon material would be embarrassing to wear […]

Stay Healthy for the Holidays

When wrestlers talk about staying healthy for the holidays, they typically mean avoiding the kind of weight gain that will make their Suplay wrestling singlet fit way too snugly around the middle when full practices resume. We discussed some strategies for dealing with tempting holiday treats and sticking to your workout routine in last week’s […]

Wrestling at the Summer Olympics

Wrestling is one of the oldest sports in the world. It has been depicted in ancient cave paintings and was also mentioned in Homer’s Iliad as one of the primary ways Greek warriors demonstrated their sheer strength and athletic ability. The sport has remained popular even in modern times, as evidenced by its inclusion in […]

Women Vs. Men Wrestlers

Ever since Women’s Wrestling debuted as an official Olympic event at the Athens games in 2004, annual participation in the sport by girls and young women has increased at a steady rate. However, few high school or collegiate programs have both the athletes and budget required to create an all-female team, which means women must […]

Wrestling Singlet Information

Wrestling singlets are required for all wrestlers in sanctioned high school, college, freestyle, and Greco-Roman matches. As the name implies, a singlet is constructed of a single piece of fabric (usually a nylon-Spandex blend) and is designed to cover a wrestler’s body from the chest and torso to the upper thighs. Despite being such a […]

Facts About Wrestling Singlets

Wrestling singlets have come a long way since the early days of its inception in 1970. Three things are very important when it comes to making an ideal singlet: functionality, appearance and comfort. The singlet uniform is considered one and the same with the sport of wrestling, but it seems to be falling out of […]

High School Vs. College Wrestling

Wrestling at the collegiate level is usually more challenging and competitive than wrestling in high school. The best university programs enlist intense wrestling breeding grounds, drawing top-ranked amateurs and champions from various states. Colleges at the NCAA Division II and Division III levels recruit the best high schools athletes in their region, as do NAIA […]

5 Facts About Wrestling Uniforms

Wrestling is one of the purest sports that requires first and foremost, superior physical and mental strength, and very little wrestling gear–just shoes, a wrestling singlet, and headgear. ¬†Simple. That’s one of the reasons we love this sport. ¬†Wrestling uniforms and the requirements are determined by the National Federation of State High School Associations and […]

Tips for Attending Youth Wrestling Tournaments

Youth wrestling tournaments are a fantastic way for young wrestlers to get a feel for real matches and tough competition at a young age. The events themselves can typically last between 4 to 6 hours depending on how many participants there are, and the athletes can expect to wrestle anywhere from 2 to 4 times […]