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How to Determine if Your Child is Ready to Start Wrestling

Your child has recently voiced a desire to join the local wrestling club. While your knowledge of the sport only comes from whatever you manage to catch of the Summer Olympics once every four years, you’re pretty sure it’s far too rough for your kid. After all, your child is still a small, scrawny elementary […]

Trouble Finding Youth Sizes

Finding quality youth wrestling gear at reasonable prices can be a major challenge for parents. Due to low demand, most manufacturers produce and release a very limited supply of kids singlets, wrestling shoes, and headgear, and most retailers maintain an even smaller inventory of these products. Consequently, you get fewer choices and are typically stuck […]

Know Your Size Before You Buy

Out of all the wrestling gear you have to buy, you’ll spend the most on footwear. A good pair of new Nike wrestling shoes could easily set you back at least $70, while certain models from Asics and Adidas go for twice as much. This is a considerable investment for most people, so it’s important […]

Let’s Talk About Wrestling Shoes

Wrestling shoes maximize your ability to perform. A wrestler needs to be able to move quickly, smoothly and with precision. To move this way shoes must fit well. A good fitting shoe will provide traction, be flexible and help instill confidence. Good fitting shoes are almost a part of the wrestler. He is not conscious […]

History of Wrestling Camps

No wrestler has ever matured into an elite talent by confining his training and workout regimen to the months between October and February. In fact, the sport’s top athletes put in most of their work during the off-season and simply use the regular season as a showcase for the techniques and moves they practiced to […]

3 Wrestling Games to Try During Practice

Wrestling is one of the most popular sports in high schools nationwide, but a common problem for many coaches is keeping the practices informative, fun and motivational. A trend that is picking up speed across many high schools is to motivate wrestlers by teaching skills and techniques through games rather than repetitive drills. Below are […]

Tips for Attending Youth Wrestling Tournaments

Youth wrestling tournaments are a fantastic way for young wrestlers to get a feel for real matches and tough competition at a young age. The events themselves can typically last between 4 to 6 hours depending on how many participants there are, and the athletes can expect to wrestle anywhere from 2 to 4 times […]