In our last post, we talked about how important it is to practice good personal hygiene in order to keep nasty germs and bacteria at bay during the wrestling season. This time around, we’re going to delve a little bit into how to properly sanitize mats with a decent broom, mop pad, and special cleaning solution.

There’s no question that wrestling mats can get pretty funky after use, what with all the sweat, hair, skin cells, blood, and other substances that are liable to be left behind from practice or a match. Nobody wants to roll around in that stuff and risk contracting ringworm or a staph infection, so regular cleaning and disinfecting is a must – even if your team uses a Resilite Wrestling Mat with built-in antimicrobial properties every day mopping is a must. Here’s a simple yet effective procedure that will help keep everyone healthy:

  • Dry-mop the entire mat with a wide, soft-bristled broom wrapped in clean gym towels to remove visible debris. Work your way systematically up and down the mat to ensure total coverage.
  • Prepare your cleaning solution by following the directions on the package. We recommend using a product like Kennedy’s KenClean Plus, which is designed to kill harmful bacteria, germs, and viruses without damaging the mat. CAREFULLY MEASURE THE KENCLEAN into your water bucket. Using too much will leave a film on your mat.
  • Mop the mat with the cleaning solution, making sure to use a new or freshly sanitized mop pad before starting. A Kennedy MONSTER MOP is perfect for the job.
  • Let the mat dry completely before using, rolling, or putting away. Storing a wet mat can lead to mold, mildew, and premature deterioration.

Good personal hygiene goes a long way towards protecting wrestlers and coaches from infection and illness, but timely showers and clean gear alone aren’t enough to get the job done. Sanitized mats are also a must, which is why we suggest cleaning your Resilite Wrestling Mat—or other brand—before and after use by following the steps listed here.