The Essential Under Armour T

The Essential Under Armour T

The CrossFit strength and conditioning program consists of very short, intense daily workouts that target a variety of muscle groups while also improving endurance. The program gets such great results that in the 12 years since it was first introduced, it has become the preferred fitness tool of many law enforcement agencies, military and tactical units, fire departments, and elite athletes around the world. We think CrossFit is ideal for wrestling training as well.

A typical wrestling match can last anywhere from 6 to 9 minutes. In that time, wrestlers must continually use short bursts of strength and strive to maintain their overall stamina. These abilities are better developed through CrossFit, which operates according to similar duration and intensity principles, than from steady state exercises such as longer-distance runs or traditional weightlifting activities.

If ordinary workouts aren’t helping you get the job done when you strap on your wrestling gear and step onto the mat, then talk to your coach or trainer about synthesizing the following CrossFit moves into a personalized fitness program:

  • Burpees
  • Jumping rope
  • Shuttle runs
  • Pull-ups
  • Box jumps
  • Rope climb
  • Deadlift
  • Shoulder press
  • Squats
  • Rowing
  • Lunges
  • Push-ups
  • Sit-ups

Most wrestlers mix and match the above moves (plus many others) into Workouts of the Day (WOD) that can be completed in 20 minutes or less. That’s really all it takes for CrossFit to be effective.