Having excellent ankle support and foot traction directly impacts a wrestler’s ability to perform both offensive and defensive maneuvers during a match. This means well-fitting wrestling shoes can sometimes make the difference between executing the perfect takedown and slipping at an inopportune moment, thereby giving your opponent a positional edge. Because footwear is so crucial to success, it would be a good idea to review the following facts about shoe sizes.

  • Sizes are based on the length and width of your foot
  • The length is found by measuring from the heel to the end of your big toe
  • The width is found by measuring across the widest part of your foot
  • Manufacturers recommend subtracting 1/5-inch (or 5mm) from the length and width measurements
  • Both feet should be measured, and the data from the larger foot should be used
  • Like other wrestling gear, footwear for the sport is meant to fit snugly without being uncomfortably tight
  • Evaluate a shoe’s fit at three points: in the toe box, at mid-foot, and in the heel area
  • To get the most accurate fit, wear the socks you plan to use during practices and matches
  • Bear in mind that wrestling shoes are made from pliable materials that will stretch out during the season
  • Different brands fit differently, so be sure to consult the manufacturer’s sizing chart before making a purchase

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