If you’re serious about being a winning wrestler you’ve got to be serious about your perfect wrestling weight. Let’s say you weigh 145 # right now, but 15% of that weight is body fat. That gives you around 22# to play with. To stay healthy and keep up your strength you should have at least 7% body fat. That means you can go as low as 133#. But let’s get “real”. 133# will be a tough “pull”. If you’ve pulled weight before you might be able to do it, but a more realistic goal is 138#. That weight gives you 10.5% body fat and you’ll feel good and be strong.

To make sure you’re on target, buy yourself a decent Body fat scale. For $35.00 you can get a good Taylor Body fat Scale. Weigh yourself every day and (at the same time) and check your body fat.

Don’t be in a hurry to lose weight. Keep in mind that at 15% body fat to start with, you’re in pretty good condition. For the first week of wrestling turn-out you should lose some weight if you do what you areHigh protein foods like these are ideal for losing the weight told and work hard. If after the first week you haven’t lost any weight you’re going to have to cut down on calorie intake. Eat high protein foods like chicken, fish, lean meat, etc. Ask Mom. If she knows losing weight is important for you to be a winner, she’ll help. DO NOT CUT BACK ON WATER!! 64OZ. A DAY IS RECOMMENDED. NO POP OR SWEET DRINKS!!!!! WATER, WATER, WATER.

Set a realistic goal and stick to it. You’ll be proud of yourself and your coach and team will be proud of you. Pulling weight “sucks”, but “losing” sucks worse.