Wrestling is a sport of total physical contact, sheer strength–both mental and physical, and very little need for extra wrestling gear.  It’s one of the “purest” sports around, just two athletes on the mat.  The most important gear?  The shoes.  A good wrestler knows that they need wrestling shoes with superior grip and comfort in order to perform at their best.

Suplay offers all “tried and true” shoes that have proved themselves on the mat and are worthy of partnering with you or your athlete at the next meet.  Wrestlers have ranked the shoes they like best and given feedback as to which shoes have outperformed the competition in practice and during a match.  Name brand shoes are available in our closeout section, a selection is only on the way out at a discounted price to make room for the “new” 2011 wrestling shoes to try to take the spots as the athletes’ favorite.  These shoes may be new, but they are as technically tuned as their predecessor, or we wouldn’t bother with making them available. Lighter, stronger, better ventilated (all the parents out there will appreciate even more than your athlete’s opponent!  Modified from last year’s model after “field” or mat testing and athlete feedback, these shoes are competitive on the mat and at the cash register.

Each athlete is unique in many respects, and so are wrestling shoes.  To ensure you’re choosing the right shoe, take into consideration the mobility of the shoe, ankle support, width, weight, and comfort.  Every shoe is designed for optimal performance, speed, and agility, but your personal preference must be factored in to ensure victory!  Make sure your personal style comes through so you can pin down the win.  Suplay’s youth sized shoes include half sizes and come in a variety of colors and models.