Summer wrestling camps all over the country will begin conducting their opening sessions in just a couple of months. If you haven’t decided which camp to attend or haven’t submitted your registration forms yet, now is the time to do so. Otherwise, you risk losing your spot and will have to spend the break training solo while your friends and teammates receive tutelage from highly knowledgeable coaches.

Of course, the whole purpose of attending camp is to improve your skills. To help make that happen, it’s important that you approach the endeavor with the right attitude and stick to the following list of dos and don’ts about how to get the most out of wrestling camp.


  • Carefully research camp choices and select one based on its ability to address your wrestling needs rather than solely on big-name guests or sponsors
  • Arrive in shape by running and lifting weights for several weeks before camp starts
  • Put forth 100% effort in all drills
  • Be willing to push yourself out of your comfort zone and try new moves, techniques, and tactics
  • Give the coaches, assistants, and other camp staff the same amount of respect you give to your high school or club coach


  • Neglect to consider local camps in your selection process. Smaller venues often provide more personalized attention and overall value compared to nationally known camps.
  • Arrive at camp thinking you’re the best wrestler the group has ever seen and that you’re doing them a favor by being there. Quiet confidence is acceptable; straight-up cockiness is not.
  • Be afraid to speak up and ask questions or request extra help if you’re having trouble nailing a move.
  • Forget everything you learned at camp before your school wrestling season starts up again. Make or purchase DVDs of your sessions or take notes for future study.

Going to wrestling camp is a very effective–and fun–way to improve your skills over the summer. Make sure to maximize the benefits of this experience by choosing the best camp for your needs and keeping the above list of dos and don’ts in mind once you arrive.