Think back to all the wrestling matches you lost last season. How many of those defeats were due to your inability to capitalize on slight weaknesses in your opponent’s defensive techniques? How many more wins would you have notched if you’d been just a little bit quicker on the attack?

The difference between good wrestlers and great ones isn’t always about pure talent or expensive wrestling gear. Often it comes down to something as basic as having the quickness and awareness to strike at the most opportune moments.

If you’re not satisfied with current abilities, try the following drills to improve your reflexes and your W-L record next season.

Drill 1

Position a teammate about 10 feet away with his arm held out to the side and a tennis ball in his hand. He should then release the ball, at which point you must sprint forward and catch it before it touches the ground again.

Drill 2

This drill allows you to work on both offensive and defensive quickness. Face your teammate on a mat, with both of you standing in a low crouch. Begin circling each other with the object of trying to touch the other’s toes while simultaneously defending your own.

Drill 3

Hold a medicine ball at chest level and use both hands to pass it to your teammate (basketball style) with as much velocity as possible. Start out close together, and then gradually extend the distance as you increase upper body strength.

Like agility, quickness is something that can be developed and honed if you’re willing to put in the work. These wrestling drills are designed to help you acquire the quick hands, feet, and movements you need to elevate your game, so give them a try at your next workout.