Qualifying for the state tournament is every wrestler’s dream. This is where reigning champions are dethroned, new kings are crowned, and legends are made. It is also a terrific opportunity for you to get noticed by collegiate scouts and coaches, which is important if you wish to continue wrestling at the next level.

Since so much is riding on your performance at state, it’s critical that you come to the meet thoroughly prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. Here are some tips on which areas to focus on prior to the tournament.

Cardio fitness

The rigors of the long season might be catching up to you now. To ensure fatigue doesn’t hold you back at state, concentrate on amping up your cardio workouts so you’ll be in good enough shape to outlast every opponent on the mat.


By eating right and hydrating properly, you’ll not only make weight without incident but also give your body the fuel it needs to perform at its peak.


Scout all potential opponents to learn their tendencies and signature moves. Pay particular attention to their previous losses to gain insight into possible weaknesses that can be exploited during your match.


A positive attitude is a major element of success. You have to believe that everything about you, from your wrestling gear to your fitness level, toughness, and technique, is better than your opponent’s.

If you’re going to the state wrestling tournament this year, you better bring your “A” game. Comprehensive preparation is the key to victory, so make sure you concentrate on the above areas prior to your first-round match.