Now that the wrestling season is at its peak and there are major events every weekend, it’s time to review some important tournament rules. Sure, your coach has probably gone over this stuff with you before, but maybe you weren’t paying attention that day or maybe some of the details have already slipped your mind. Either way, a quick recap will help ensure that you don’t get disqualified for a violation that could have been prevented.

  • Weight classes. Participants are separated into different weight classes in order to reduce size advantages. You must be at or below the weight limit in order to wrestle in a particular class.
  • Proper equipment. All participants must use approved wrestling gear, including head and/or ear protection, a singlet, and shoes.
  • Scoring. Individual and team scoring is standardized throughout most athletic conferences or associations; however, point values for particular maneuvers vary depending on whether you’re in a scholastic, collegiate, freestyle, or Greco-Roman tournament.
  • Degree of coaching. Some tournaments permit coaches to enter the ring between rounds to give you some quick pointers or to help adjust your wrestling gear, but at other events this is strictly forbidden.

Of course, these are just basic rules that apply to most mainstream wrestling events, and are meant to be used as a general reference only. The specific tournament you go to might have additional requirements or be stricter or more lenient in regards to one of the categories listed above. Be sure you understand what’s allowed and what isn’t before you step onto the mat with your opponent.