Out of all the wrestling gear you have to buy, you’ll spend the most on footwear. A good pair of new Nike wrestling shoes could easily set you back at least $70, while certain models from Asics and Adidas go for twice as much. This is a considerable investment for most people, so it’s important that you end up with a well-fitting and comfortable product in return for that kind of cash.
Wrestling shoes are designed to fit more tightly than standard athletic footwear, which means you can’t just order your regular sneaker size and expect things to work out. Instead, here are a few ways to determine the right size and fit for the men’s or youth wrestling shoes you plan to purchase.

  • Go to a local store to try on a few different brands. Sizes tend to vary from manufacturer to manufacturer (and sometimes even model to model within the same brand), so try on a few pairs from the biggest companies to get the most accurate size information. Then come back and place your order at Suplay.com to get the best deal.
  • Consult Suplay.com’s wrestling shoe sizing chart. Our handy conversion table shows you equivalent sizes between different countries and measurement systems. As noted, we recommend going a half-size bigger for Asics, Adidas, and Nike Speedsweep, and a full size bigger for all other Nike wrestling shoes.
  • Trace and measure your foot on a sheet of paper. While wearing athletic socks, trace your foot on a sheet of paper. Next, measure the length and width of the tracing at the widest points. Subtract 1/5 inch from each measurement to arrive at your wrestling shoe size.

Remember, wrestling shoes should fit snugly enough to provide adequate ankle and arch support while still allowing your toes to move freely without feeling pinched.

Once you figure out your size, head over to Suplay.com to browse our complete line of discount men’s and youth wrestling shoes and to select the pair you like best.