Wrestling shoes maximize your ability to perform. A wrestler needs to be able to move quickly, smoothly and with precision. To move this way shoes must fit well. A good fitting shoe will provide traction, be flexible and help instill confidence. Good fitting shoes are almost a part of the wrestler. He is not conscious that he has shoes, yet the grip he has on the mat, the drive he finds when he needs it all lend a confidence that makes a difference. Make sure you take the time to pick right.

Do You Have the Right Shoes for Practice or a Match?

Serious wrestlers give themselves multiple shoe options to choose from, and typically have a designated practice pair as well as a pair reserved only for competition. Your practice shoe should be tough enough to last through drills on the mat and sprints on the gym floor. You’ll wear them nearly every day and subject them to extreme abuse. If you shop with Suplay, you can find good quality practice shoes from $20-$40 dollars.

Match shoes

Competition match shoes are the epitome of lightness, flexibility and style. These shoes are designed primarily for competition ONLY. They are manufactured with top of the line leather, nylon, and special shoe material. They are not designed for running or for daily workout. They are designed to give their wearer traction, flexibility, and a feeling of barefoot power and speed. They cost big bucks. If you have the bucks and you’re tough enough to deserve them, kiss Mom, shake Dad’s hand, and promise to be a wrestling state champ.