What would you do if your opponent strode up to the mat wearing hot pink and powder blue wrestling shoes with yellow highlights? Would you laugh at him for sporting girly colors and figure you have the match in the bag? Or would the sight strike fear into your heart as it dawns on you that only a true badass could get away with having hot pink anywhere on his wrestling gear? Either way, your opponent would gain an advantage because you’d be thinking about something trivial instead of focusing on the match.

If you would rather have that psychological edge on your side, then you need to get a pair of Asics Aggressor “Sissy” wrestling shoes for the upcoming season. The Sissy shoe is a limited edition product that will be released in November, and definitely deserves a place in your wrestling gear bag. In addition to the sick colors mentioned above, it comes with all the great features of the regular Aggressor, including:

  • Duosole outsole for enhanced flexibility and superior traction
  • Form-fitting Ecsaine upper for a tight, snug fit
  • Excellent ankle support
  • Lightweight materials for increased quickness and mobility
  • Long-lasting performance that will carry you through this season and into the next

Plus, when you preorder now from Suplay.com, we’ll not only reserve your pair, but also throw in a free Sissy pomo t-shirt to the first 100 customers and a free pair of Asics socks. If you’re upgrading your wrestling gear for the new season anyway, then you simply cannot pass up this deal. Remember, quantities are limited, so get those preorders in as soon as possible!

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We’ve done our part, now it’s time for you to do yours. Are you man enough to step up to the mat wearing Sissy wrestling shoes?