Morgan HeadgearMost Wrestling Headgear on today’s market is Adequate. They vary in design. The most popular types are the five strap models. These include: Cliff Keen’s Tornado and Signature; Asics’ QUANTUM; and Brute’s Quad 3, to name a few. All the afore mentioned headgear are tried and true and IMPORTED.
At Suplay we manufacture and sell the Morgan Gladiator Wrestling Headgear. This made in the USA headgear is unique in many ways. First, it’s guaranteed FOR LIFE! Suplay will replace any part of the original headgear for the life of the headgear. Secondly, once adjusted to your head a Morgan WILL NOT COME OFF in competition. Its unique strapping system tightens on the back of your head not at the chin strap. And third, the Morgan is the only headgear that offers forehead protection as a standard feature. No more forehead abrasions, no more bumps, no more fear of a head on collision. The Morgan comes in both ADULT and YOUTH sizes. Suplay will help you find the right size.
Considering that each Morgan is handmade, guaranteed for life, comes in a variety of colors, and fits so well it won’t come off in competition, it’s $36.99 price is a bargain. If you want this unique, advanced ear protection, Suplay will give you $15.00 in trade for your OLD HEADGEAR (no matter what condition) on a NEW Morgan.
Morgan’s aren’t for every wrestler. The tight support afforded by the Morgan takes getting used to. But every season hundreds of wrestlers take the plunge. Suplay sells over 3,000 of these Morgan Gladiators each year.
How can you go wrong….? NO other headgear does what the Morgan can do and none but the Morgan has a 100% guarantee. Call your Suplay operator for details.