My name is Gary Frey, and I own and operate Suplay Products – Wrestlers World. Suplay started business in 1969. I came up with an adhesive formula that allowed me to manufacturer and import PVC Tape for wrestling mats. Back in the day, my Suplay Tape was the first cost effective quality product to hit the wrestling community. Suplay’s introduction of 4” Mat Tape made a Cyclonic impression on the world of wrestling. To this day, Suplay Mat Tape is recognized as the leader in Mat Tape quality and innovation.

As a recognized Mat Tape Guru, I get calls all the time about problems with Mat Tape and wrestling mats (two-sided and one-sided). The problems usually revolve around mat tape not sticking and Mat surfaces becoming slippery. The solution, believe it or not, is simple. Over a period of time the residue from mat cleaners builds up on mats and two things happen: 1) Mat Tape won’t Stick and  2) The mat surface becomes slippery. The problem can be solved as follows: 1) clean the entire mat surface with a dish washing soap like DAWN. Add some Clorox (about 1 cup per 2 gallons) to your mop bucket. Leave a thin film of liquid on the mat surface and let it air dry. When completely dry, go over clean mat with plain water and wet towels (use a monster mop). Kinda’ like a rinse cycle. When the mat is completely dry it’s clean, oil free, and ready to go. One of the best ways to check for “clean” when you are done is to lay a small patch of tape on various parts of the mat. If the mat surface is clean, the tape should “stick” tightly, and you should be able to use the same piece of tape over and over again for your testing.

Use a good quality mat cleaner the next time you wash your mat surface. Pay special attention to PROPORTIONS Using too much cleaner is what causes residue and oil “build up”. Follow directions and your troubles should disappear.


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