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One of the keys to being a successful wrestler is having the ability to use your feet wisely. This means maintaining your balance while grappling or putting yourself in the perfect position to obtain leverage over your opponent and force him to the mat—all in the face of the extreme twisting, turning, and jostling that occurs during a typical match. To do this effectively, you need good wrestling shoes with excellent ankle support.

Most products on the market are designed to provide flexibility, comfort, and support right out of the box. But if you believe this is not adequate or would like to gain a further advantage, you can try the following ways of reinforcing your shoe.

Go for a snug fit

Purchasing footwear in the right size is the first step towards good support. You should aim for a size that provides a snug rather than loose fit, bearing in mind that the shoe will likely stretch out after several practices.

Try lock lacing

Lock lacing is used primarily by runners to prevent shoe slippage and yield extra support through the heel and ankle. This technique works well with wrestling gear, too. Simply thread your laces through the uppermost eyelet of the shoe, leaving a bit of a loop on each side. Next, pull the ends of the laces through the loop on the opposite side and finish tying as usual.

Use tape, braces, or wraps

For additional ankle support, you may use athletic tape, braces, or wraps under your shoe. These common sports aids offer an extra layer of protection and stability without sacrificing too much in terms of range of motion.

Adding ankle support to your wrestling shoes can give you the edge you need to compete at a high level while also helping prevent sprains, ligament damage, and other injuries. Be sure to start with the right shoe size first, and then try the other tips listed here if necessary.