Now that the 2013-14 wrestling season has ended, it’s time for some well-earned rest before all the summer tournaments and camps start up.

Everyone has their own favorite way to unwind, but for us there’s nothing better than sprawling on the couch with a huge bowl of popcorn (or some other favorite snack that’s forbidden during the season) and watching a great wrestling flick!

Admittedly, there aren’t a whole lot of movies to choose from. High school and collegiate wrestling barely receive any coverage in the mainstream press, so it’s not surprising that Hollywood also fails to celebrate our sport. Even when a film does tackle the great world of wrestling, the scripts tends to turn to the high-drama of WWE shenanigans rather than freestyle or folkstyle.

However, the dedicated wrestler-for-life may be able to find the following Top Wrestling Films on Netflix, iTunes, Amazon Streaming, or DVD:

  • Win Win (Starring Paul Giamatti, Amy Ryan, and Bobby Cannavale, 2011)
  • Vision Quest (Matthew Modine and Linda Fiorentino, 1985)
  • Freestyle: The Victories of Dan Gable (Documentary, 1995)
  • Pinned (Documentary, 2009)
  • Reversal (Danny Mousetis and Jimi Petulla, 2001)
  • Legendary (John Cena, Danny Glover, and Patricia Clarkson, 2010)
  • Take Down (Lorenzo Lamas, Edward Hermann, and Maureen McCormick, 1978)

Although, Hollywood screenwriters don’t often dip into the wrestling well when searching for fresh movie ideas, some quality wrestling entertainment has still managed to peek out around the typical explosions and rom-coms. Try tracking down one of the above titles for your next movie night during the offseason! (Although…maybe invite your teammates to this movie night, instead of your girlfriend!)