To find a great pair of wrestling shoes, you have to look beyond the brand name, general design, and color scheme of the product. That’s because unlike other kinds of wrestling gear, the type of shoe you use has a direct impact on your performance during matches. Instead of simply choosing a shoe because it’s the same one your buddy wears or because it matches your singlet, you should make your evaluation based on the following criteria:


A good fit is critical because if the shoe is too loose, it might not provide adequate support or traction. If it is too tight, it could restrict circulation and lead to pain or numbness. Aim for a pair that fits as snugly as a sock and doesn’t leave too much wiggle room.

Single or split sole

Single sole models offer support throughout the arch and help you maintain better balance, while split sole models offer greater flexibility for takedowns and other maneuvers. Choose the style that best suits your general wrestling technique or personal taste.


Let’s face it. . . if you buy a high end wrestling shoe you are paying for a light-weight, form fitting shoe designed for competition.  High end shoes are not designed for running or cross training.  Buy a good fitting second pair of a more durable wrestling shoe for practice wear.  Save you high end shoes for competition.


Some shoe brands also offer extra features such as built-in lace covers or ventilated, breathable uppers. If you’re tired of having to tape up your laces before a match or if your feet frequently get too hot and sweaty while grappling, it might be worth your while to spend a bit more for these extras.

When you carefully consider the above criteria prior to buying wrestling shoes, you’ll significantly improve your chances of selecting the perfect pair. Once you evaluate everything and finalize your decision, be sure to visit to ensure you get the biggest discount available for the brand you want.