Finding quality youth wrestling gear at reasonable prices can be a major challenge for parents. Due to low demand, most manufacturers produce and release a very limited supply of kids singlets, wrestling shoes, and headgear, and most retailers maintain an even smaller inventory of these products. Consequently, you get fewer choices and are typically stuck paying whatever the vendor decides to charge.

But locating affordable kids wrestling gear that fits well is not an altogether impossible task, especially when you follow these tips about how to shop for your young grappler.

Avoid the temptation to buy larger sizes that your child will “grow into”

Unlike regular apparel, youth wrestling gear is meant to fit snugly and securely. To ensure each piece of equipment functions as intended, take accurate measurements and buy the size that fits now.

Purchase the best quality you can afford

Even though your little wrestler will likely outgrow his or her new singlet or shoes after just one season, you should still purchase the best quality you can afford. The cheap stuff is often cheap for a reason. If you have to replace a singlet mid-season because it’s falling apart, then you’re not really saving money anyway.

Stick to larger, well-established websites and stores

There are many advantages to shopping with a larger, well-established retailer like We carry a more comprehensive selection of the kids wrestling gear you want; we offer better discounts and deals than other sites; and we know the sport inside and out so we can help you choose the right products for your child.

If you’ve been having trouble outfitting your up-and-coming grappler in the newest youth wrestling gear, then visit today. As long as you know the correct sizes to buy, we’ll get your youngster set up with quality singlets, headgear, and shoes that fit perfectly, perform superbly, and won’t strain your budget.