Wrestling meets are action-packed events full of amazing displays of athleticism that result in unforgettable moves, takedowns, and pins. There is an atmosphere of fierce competition from beginning to end, yet sportsmanship prevails more often than not, making these meets character-building experiences for each athlete involved.

Almost every sanctioned event begins with an early morning weigh-in to see which entrants are eligible for their weight class and which ones have to pack up their wrestling gear and go home. Since so much depends on the outcome of this procedure, it’s critical that officials use a reliable scale designed specifically for this purpose. That’s why you’ll see so many Summit wrestling scales at tournaments and meets throughout the country.

Summit is a company with a long history of producing high-quality precision measuring instruments for a wide variety of applications. They currently offer two portable tournament scales, both of which would make an excellent addition to your school’s collection of wrestling gear and equipment. Here are some of the features offered by each Summit model:

    • 300 lb. capacity with measurements carried out to .01 lb.
    • Results displayed in pounds or kilograms
    • Stainless steel pan with ABS housing
    • 1-inch tilted LCD display
    • Fully operational at temperatures between 32 degrees and 104 degrees F
    • NTEP certified Model (The APM) has a 300 lb capacity
    • The Wrestler’s Auto Hold (The AWS)  was designed for tournament weigh-ins and has a 440 lb capacity
    • Suitable for all schoolboy, cadet, junior, and senior wrestling weight classes
    • Highly portable due to the hard shell briefcase-style carrying case included with each purchase

      The bottom line is that you’ll benefit from owning a Summit wrestling scale whether you host tournaments at your school or just want to make sure your athletes have accurate weight measurements leading up to a big event. Visit Suplay.com today for a great deal on these Summit products and the rest of our lineup of name-brand wrestling gear.