Wrestling heroes in action are motivators for up and coming wrestling  champions  “to be”.  .  . at least that that was the story my son’s bedroom walls told me.  Wrestling champions he held in high  esteem  covered his walls .  Photos of Dan Gable, Cael Sanderson, and John Smith were just a few.

Suplay knows that action photos of great wrestlers in competition can be inspiring and motivating.  With this thought in mind, Suplay has “hooked up” with the best action photographer  in today’s  wrestling community, Tony Rotundo.

Suplay plans to include Tony’s  action photos  as cover shots and as  fold out posters of wrestlers like Jason Burroughs, David Taylor, and Kyle Dake in select catalog issues (see example photo).   These posters will also be available to wrestlers who sign up to receive  a Suplay Catalog.