Wrestling singlets are required for all wrestlers in sanctioned high school, college, freestyle, and Greco-Roman matches. As the name implies, a singlet is constructed of a single piece of fabric (usually a nylon-Spandex blend) and is designed to cover a wrestler’s body from the chest and torso to the upper thighs. Despite being such a simple-looking piece of wrestling gear, a singlet serves multiple purposes.


Collegiate wrestlers once competed shirtless, but this practice was given up partly in the name of modesty. A singlet, when worn with appropriate undergarments such as a jock strap or a sports bra (for girls and women), provides a sufficient degree of body coverage without hindering movement.


Wrestling singlets protect the most delicate parts of the body against scratches, scrapes, and other minor injuries that may occur during grappling. They are also sometimes used in conjunction with athletic tape, compression shorts or wraps, and athletic cups to prevent the wrestler from aggravating an existing injury.


Bacterial infections are a common problem in the sport due to the frequency of skin-on-skin contact. A singlet helps reduce this contact to a certain extent, especially when a T-shirt is allowed to be worn underneath.

Wrestling singlets do much more than just act as a uniform to distinguish you from your opponent during matches. They also cover your body, provide protection against injury, and serve as an extra barrier against bacteria. To buy a great singlet or any other wrestling gear you need to close out the season in style, visit Suplay.com today!