Around the world a singlet has various definitions. The most commonly worn are by singlets worn by amateur wrestlers on a high school or collegiate competition level. This garment is simply a sleeveless uniform worn by wrestlers on the mat. You might think this tight fitting, spandex and nylon material would be embarrassing to wear in a public match with an opponent. However, these tight garments have a purpose and they might just help you have a fair challenge on the mat.

Because of the singlet’s tight fit, Referees, commentators and viewers are able to catch the swift moves by a wrestler when scoring points and making a critical pin for the win. A singlet on wrestlers ensures fairness and contributes to mastering the art of wrestling through the correct execution of movements and techniques.

There are two types of wrestling singlets for two different styles of wrestling. Greco-Roman/ Free style wrestling, noted for upper body throws, requires a low or FILA cut singlet. Folkstyle wrestling on the other hand, noted for dominance and control suggests the high cut singlet. For most of you guys you will need to have the high cut style, since Folkstyle wrestling is the norm for high schools and colleges across the country. Check with your team and coach to ensure you are purchasing the correct singlet for your style of wrestling

Wrestlers wear singlets for crowd decency and to soak up their sweat. A sweaty wrestler is a slippery wrestler and is difficult to score points against. Singlets equalize the opponents. Singlets naturalize sweaty wrestlers. I bet you didn’t realize that singlets do carry an importance. Still think going shirtless is the way to go.

Wrestling singlet sizes are determined by your weight class. The correct fit is extremely important as it directly impacts the way you wrestle with your opponent and your own flexibility when applying techniques for the win.

To ensure the correct singlet fit, we have put together a general sizing guide with weight classes, to use as a resource when you are shopping for any wrestling gear from

    Small: 110-130 lbs.

    Medium: 130-155 lbs.

    Large: 188-185 lbs.

    Extra Large: 185-225 lbs.

If you are still unsure about the correct size you need, you can visit us online and view our detailed sizing chart for all wrestling gear.

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Wrestling singlets are not designed to make you look silly or embarrass you in front of the audience. They serve a very good purpose and keep the matches fair. After all, the ultimate win and accomplishment is one that comes with a fair, safe and clean fight. Do you mind wearing them now?